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21 Unforgettable Waterfalls in New Brunswick That Will Leave You Speechless

New Brunswick is home to some truly magnificent cascades, each with its own unique charm and beauty. From the thundering Grand Falls to the serene Crystal Falls, there’s a waterfall for everyone to marvel at in New Brunswick. With over 1000 waterfalls to explore, you could spend a lifetime discovering new ones! Whether you’re a nature lover, photographer, or just someone who enjoys a good hike, chasing waterfalls in New Brunswick is an absolute must-do activity. So pack your bags, lace up your hiking boots, and prepare to be amazed by the natural wonders of this incredible province. Let’s explore the 21 Unforgettable Waterfalls in New Brunswick That Will Leave You Speechless!

Walton Glen Falls

As the second tallest waterfall in New Brunswick, reaching this spot requires some effort, but trust me, it’s worth it! You’ll need to don your hiking boots and trek for a bit to where the falls actually starts in Fundy Trail Parkway. Alternatively, you can take a shorter hike along Lookout Trail in the Parkway and still enjoy a breathtaking view of the entire gorge from up above. Whether you choose the longer or shorter route, Walton Glen Falls is sure to leave you in awe.

Tetagouche Falls

A Hidden Gem near Bathurst. Nestled not far from Bathurst, Tetagouche Falls offers plenty of opportunities to snap some breathtaking photos. The falls are fed by a variety of water sources, including ponds, brooks, streams, and lakes. The river that runs through the falls extends for 25 miles all the way to Bathurst Harbour, where you can catch glimpses of Tetagouche’s mining history. Keep an eye out for remnants of the ore vein that was once mined until the 1980s – you might even spot a turbine still standing proud!

Fuller Falls

For an easy and accessible waterfall adventure, Fuller Falls is a must-see. Simply follow a short trail that leads to an observation deck accessed by a set of steps, and prepare to be enchanted by the horsetail waterfall. The water has skillfully shaped the rocks and surrounding landscape, leaving you in awe of its beauty. But don’t stop at Fuller Falls! The Fundy Trail Parkway has many other waterfalls waiting to be explored. Take your time hiking the numerous trails and discover the hidden gems of this magical area.

Dickson Falls

No New Brunswick road trip is complete without a visit to the enchanting Dickson Falls, located in the beautiful Fundy National Park. Follow a well-maintained boardwalk on a short hike that takes you through the stunning forest, and be rewarded with a fairytale-like view of the falls from a beautiful overlook. The waterfalls in Fundy National Park are truly a sight to behold, and Dickson Falls has become a beloved local attraction for good reason. Make sure to add this magical spot to your itinerary.

Welsford Falls

If you’re looking for an easy trail that leads to one of the most breathtaking waterfalls in New Brunswick, the Welsford Brook Falls Trail is a must-visit. Follow the short 0.4-mile trail to the falls, where you can cool off with a refreshing dip during the summer months. Compared to other swimming spots in Canada, the water is even warm! The best time to see the falls in all their glory is after a heavy rain, when they’re at their fullest. And don’t worry about slippery rocks – a handy rope along the trail will help keep you steady. Come experience the tranquil beauty of Welsford Falls for yourself!

Grand Falls Gorge

Grand Falls Gorge offers breathtaking views of the dramatic gorge from various lookout points. For a more immersive experience, climb the 401 steps to see the 75-foot tall gorge from a new angle. The best part? It’s conveniently located on the border of New Brunswick and Maine, making it a great destination for visitors from the United States. Come see why Grand Falls Gorge is a hidden gem worth exploring!

Eel Brook Falls

While it’s not the easiest to access, taking on the Lighthouse Trail (a full 25 miles!) to reach it will definitely provide you with an excellent workout. The falls cascade over a rocky slope and provide a stunning sight. Keep in mind that it’s best to visit during cooler weather, as the falls have been known to dry up during the summer months.

St. George Falls

St. George Falls, formerly known as “First Falls,” is a picturesque waterfall in New Brunswick that has become a popular destination for tourists. The town and the falls have undergone a name change, but the stunning scenery remains the same. Visitors can explore the area and cross the bridge, all while keeping an eye out for Atlantic salmon making their way up the river and osprey hunting for a meal. This is an ideal spot to capture some quick and scenic photos of New Brunswick’s wildlife.

Maggie’s Falls

Maggie’s Falls is a picturesque waterfall located in the Madawaska County of New Brunswick, near the village of Arthurette. It is a relatively unknown gem in the region, making it a perfect spot for those seeking a tranquil escape. The falls cascade down a series of rocky ledges and pools, creating a beautiful and serene atmosphere.

Fall Brook Falls

To get to the falls, visitors will follow the Fall Brook stream through a ravine, which can get pretty steep, so it’s recommended to use the rails and ropes that have been provided. After about a mile, visitors will reach the towering falls, which stand at a height of 100 feet. Despite the small size of the stream, the falls are quite impressive. The pool below the falls is also a great spot to cool off and take a swim.

Papineau Falls

To reach this stunning waterfall, you may need to do a bit of scrambling if you choose the faster, but harder route. However, if you prefer a more leisurely hike, there is a trail that takes you past a pond on the way up and down, providing a longer but less intense way to get to the falls. The falls are quite powerful, especially in the spring when the snow is melting, so be prepared to be amazed by their beauty. Pabineau Falls is definitely a must-visit spot for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

Dry Brook Falls

Dry Brook Falls is a popular spot for beavers and visitors alike. The trail leading to the beautiful bridal veil waterfall may be partially washed away by beaver activity, but it’s still accessible to hikers. The falls can be found near Bathurst Lake in Mount Carleton Provincial Park in New Brunswick. The three-mile hike to the falls is manageable for most people, and the well-maintained trail is not too crowded, allowing you to enjoy the natural surroundings in peace.

Third Vault Falls

Fundy National Park in New Brunswick is home to many beautiful waterfalls, including Third Vault Falls. Hikers and nature enthusiasts alike love the falls, which drop 52 feet and offer stunning views of the surrounding scenery. The hike to get to the falls covers about four and a half miles and can be challenging, but the effort is well worth it. Along the trail, visitors may be lucky enough to spot various species of woodpeckers and warblers.

third vault falls waterfall nb

Wallace Falls (Quiddy Falls)

This waterfall in New Brunswick that can be reached by a 15-minute hike. Although the trail has some steep sections, a rope is provided to assist hikers, and it should not be too difficult if taken slowly. Once you reach the falls, you will find the water surprisingly warm in the summer, making it a perfect spot for a refreshing dip after the hike. You can also climb to the top of the falls for a unique view and great photo opportunities.

Wallace falls nb

South Branch Oromocto Falls

South Branch Oromocto Falls is a short-but-moderate hike located along the Kirkpatrick Family Trail. The trail boasts a viewing platform and a great pool for swimming, making it a popular spot to visit during the summer. However, it’s important to note that the trail can be icy and dangerous during colder times of the year, so plan your visit accordingly. Simply follow Google Maps to the trailhead and begin your descent of 193 feet towards the falls.

Joslin Falls

Hiking to Joslin Creek Falls may only be a short 0.3-mile trek, but don’t be fooled – it’s a thrilling adventure! Along the way, you’ll encounter dog walkers and bird watchers enjoying the scenery. Once you arrive, prepare for some scrambling and a bit of rock-climbing to reach the base of the falls. Use the rope provided to keep yourself steady and watch out for slippery rocks. It’s a challenging climb, but the reward is worth it. The falls are surprisingly powerful and awe-inspiring, making it a must-see destination if you’re in the Prince William area.

Upper Prescott Brook Waterfalls

Upper Prescott Brook Waterfalls not only offer stunning natural beauty but also a glimpse into history. Just above the falls lies a flushing dam that was once utilized for timber harvesting after the Napoleonic Wars. During this time, waterfalls were crucial for transporting large amounts of wood across the region as Canada became a significant resource for Britain. However, reaching the falls requires experienced hikers, as it involves some elevation gain and distance.

Hays Falls

If you’re hiking with kids, Hays Falls is an ideal destination to experience the beauty of waterfalls. Despite potential mud depending on the season, the trail is well-maintained and conveniently located right off the parking lot. The two-mile out-and-back hike is considered easy, yet rewards hikers with stunning views of one of New Brunswick’s tallest waterfalls, measuring in at 80 feet. If you decide to take a dip, take care around the sharp and slippery rocks.

Dunbar Falls

This tranquil waterfall hike near Durham Bridge is easily accessible and perfect for families or those seeking a relaxing outing. The one-mile trail offers a chance to witness the beauty of Dunbar Falls at the end. Keep in mind that the trail may be affected by weather conditions and waterproof boots are recommended. If you’re in need of a quick nature fix, this hike is definitely worth checking out!

Henderson Brook Falls

Getting to Henderson Brook Falls involves a short but challenging hike, making it a great option for those seeking a bit of adventure. Though the trailhead can be hard to find, once you’re on the right path, reaching the falls is not a problem. For those who want to spend more time at the falls, there’s even a campground available for camping right at the site. This is a unique opportunity to privately enjoy one of the best waterfalls in New Brunswick.

Sand Brook Falls

Sand Brook Falls is a quick and easy hike that leads to a beautiful little waterfall. You only need to walk .3 miles to reach it, with an elevation gain of only 29 feet, making it accessible to almost everyone. It’s important to drive slowly on the road to get there, as it can be a bit rough. Once you’ve reached the falls, be sure to take a look into a small cave behind the falls, where the water is crystal clear.

New Brunswick is home to numerous stunning waterfalls waiting to be discovered by outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. From the easy and accessible Fuller Falls to the challenging but rewarding Henderson Brook Falls, each waterfall offers a unique experience and a chance to admire the natural beauty of the area. While some require a longer hike or more effort to access, the payoff is always worth it in the end. So grab your hiking boots and explore the many waterfalls of New Brunswick, each offering their own enchanting sight and peaceful escape into nature.

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